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Upon visiting the village of someone who attacked my village I noticed that they had placed their buildings next to the coast, with only three sides of the building surrounded by walls. The coastal side had no wall.

Does this strategy work? Will attacking enemies not simply walk onto the beach and attack the un-walled side?

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This a good question, and pretty much every new player gets duped into doing this at one point or another. The answer is "the edge of the world is not a wall". You can try for yourself and see that when attacking you can drop troops outside the edge of the map. Villages that attempt to use the edge as a boundary quickly learn it doesn't protect you.

Source: Personal Experience

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Thanks for the answer :) Time to go and quickly re-arrange my town before my shield runs out. –  MrVimes Mar 13 '13 at 16:40
lol coming from boom beach I did the same and got radied :D –  GoodSp33d Feb 23 at 9:20

It works to some degree because the edge of the world can be more difficult to place troops. Sometimes deployment requires multiple taps instead of holding down your finger to release troops. Not being able to unleash your army in a timely manner can mean less percentage destruction. You don't have the massive firepower you normally would by holding down your finger to release troops.

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