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I want to know if you can change the playername used to join servers, so me and my friend can both play a modpack for Technic Launcher using the same account. Is this possible? and if it is, How do I do it?

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It is not possible (to my knowledge) to legally be on the same account online (even though you are playing LAN, it still authenticates with the online server)

As such what you are asking is not possible. However, there exist patched tecnic launchers out there who do not require a password to play and that would enable you to play on a LAN, but a LAN only, or servers who allow those kind of accounts.

Unfortunatly I don't think I can link you to that.

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No solutions to this kind of problem will ever be officially sanctioned.

However, you can do a search for a username-spoof launcher and point it to the minecraft.jar in .techniclauncher/PACKNAME/bin/, as long as you still use the normal launcher to get updates.

The vanilla launcher takes a similar approach with the option to "Play Offline" (except it actually includes an flag to not connect to multiplayer).

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Well.. theres a way to get offline mode... One is by playing demo version of minecraft then quit after you tested about 1 sec.. the minecraft file should be filled with

Assets, Bin, Resources,saves,and the other 3

The second is modpacks turning your internet cable or unplug the internet from your computer Then get your technic platform, technic platform should detect the internet(off), before you're entering your username and password

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