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So I got to level 5 of Pixel Dungeon on my Android, equipped with a +3 dagger and a +4 leather armor, and was swiftly defeated by a goo, which kept "pumping itself up" and filling my wounds with acid.

How do I defeat it?

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Find a water section to fight in, this will prevent the acid from harming you and washes it away immediately! Other than that a good weapon and armor and you will get him!

Other small strategies: a scroll of terror to make him run and than throw some fire at him! with weapon recommend having a weapon that you have 1 strength higher than requirement, and aim to be level 5 before you meet him.

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Didn't know about the water washing the acid, thanks! –  Oak Mar 19 '13 at 20:06
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After playing a lot, here are some tips:

  1. The Goo seems to be armored; prefer high-damage weapons to faster but low-damage ones.
  2. The Goo heals 1 hp every turn in which it stands in water; prefer fighting it when it's on a dry surface.
  3. The Goo's acid washed away instantly in water; so prefer fighting where you stand in water.
  4. When the Goo "pumps itself up", it doesn't do anything for a few rounds, and then does a devastating attack. The attack has a range of 2 tiles, not just 1 like other melee attacks. Ways to break it:
    1. Leave the attack's range
    2. Become invisible
    3. Kill the Goo

So my main strategy is to place myself in water next to a dry place from which the Goo will attack, and when it pumps itself up either stay and hit it (if I have a good armor and HP to spare) or retreat to cancel the attack. Also, standard boss tricks (becoming invisible and shooting it, using poison / paralysis potions etc.) work well.

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Don't use daggers. Use quarterstaff instead. Make sure you don't let goo touch water though. It heals 1 health each turn when it is touching water.

If possible, use wands at it like poison and fire. Throw a potion of toxic gas and block it's entrance of the room. Just keep on waiting and it will die sooner or later.

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Get the Goo to follow you back to the stairs that go up to level four. Hit it until it "pumps itself up", or you get its acid on you, or your hit points get too low. Go up the stairs, wash off any acid and use a portion of healing if necessary. When you go back down the stairs the Goo is no longer pumped up and you can safely continue the fight.

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How you defeat the Goo is largely up what equipment you have.

I usually hope to find an earthroot and use it to receive hardly any damage, even when he is pumped up.

Use fire material to lure the Goo into a doorway and set it on fire. Since the door burns it will receive more damage.

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