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How does the Strange PDA work? I've heard conflicting reports that it tracks health dispensed and allies teleported, but it also seems that it counts sentry kills.

If so, how is the Strange prefix changed?

Also, do Allies Teleported count enemy spies taking your teleporter?

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The item appears to track Sentry Kills & Health Dispensed, ranking up on Sentry Kills (see this tf2b entry), but I'm not certain. – Schism Mar 16 '13 at 21:36
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The strange PDA tracks sentry kills, health dispensed (for dispensers), and allies teleported (for teleporters). However, only the sentry kills go toward the strange rank (the name changes). I believe that allies teleported pertains only toward allies and not enemy spies, as illustrated by other uses of the word "ally" in other in item descriptions. The name changes are like the normal ones.

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