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In Victoria 2:A House Divided the tool tip recommend me to have 2% of my population as clergymen.

How do I increase this percentage?

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In Victoria 2, Not sure if you noticed that when you click on a province, there the little window that shows up detailing information about the province with little icons, there is a button that allows you to select a "National Focus". Use this to make the state use up a National Focus point in that province to create more Clergy. 2% population as clergymen is used early on in the game to obtain higher literacy and increase research points. Normally I find its only useful up until maybe the 1860s, after that rapid industrialization tends to come in with the available techs then you want to start making a lot of Clerks as they help you more towards the middle-game to end game with increasing profits, literacy and research points.

Also if you click on the population information and select a province, it tells you how much in percentage increases or decreases in any given category. Highlight the clergy section and there are little "Criteria" that must be fulfilled to either INCREASE or DECREASE the percentage of conversions into Clergy

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