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How can we Unlock the BOSS NEMESIS at the Arena (Calm Lands)?

And also what suggested characteristics the combat team should have and what formation?

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According to this article,

you have to capture 10 of EVERY fiend in the entire game... then you have to beat all of the Area Conquest, Species Conquest and Original monsters in the arena.

Also provided are preparation tactics:

you MUST have weapons that have Break Damage Limit and One MP Cost, armor with Auto- Phoenix and Auto-Haste would be nice too. Have the person/people with One MP Cost know Auto Life so the others do not have to waste precious MP casting it. Quick Attack is also helpful.

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I have captured all the fiends in the game. But you said I will have to defeat all Area Conquest, Species Conquest and Original monsters in the arena??? Whoa!! But is Nemesis worth UNLOCKING?? is it that much fun?? – GamDroid Nov 16 '10 at 4:47
Whether or not you feel it's worth it is up to you – Keaanu Nov 16 '10 at 14:11

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