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I have issue with in-cockpit look around using the hat-switch on Logitech G940 HOTAS controls in War Thunder. If I use the mouse-look (default: press and hold C key while moving mouse), I can see everything perfectly: including looking behind own tail, and the whole rest of the sphere of view. However, using the hat-switch on the joystick, my FOV is fairly limited: I can see 90° left or right, or 90° up, but I cannot see behind (180°), and I cannot see in three-quarter sectors (left- and right-up forward and back, something like 45° both horizontal and vertical), nor can I see below in any direction except of forward a bit so I can see all of the instrument panel.

The game supports G940 natively, and most of the functions work out of the box, however buggy some of them may be. Controllers are calibrated in the Logitech software. As far as I remember, in Il-2 hat-switch works all the way around. Is there a way to make it work like so in War Thunder? Or is it by design? Would something like using face-tracking software for a web-camera be a better solution anyway?

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