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There are a lot of bases in Planetside, and while most of them are pretty self explanatory (Quartz Ridge Camp, Abandoned Mineshaft, etc) the major ones are all named things like Zurvan Amp Station and so forth. A few of the Esamir names are familiar to me (Ymir, Freyr) but a lot of them I don't recognize (Elli, Mani, Eisa, Nott, etc). This question has nothing to do with gameplay, but I'm still very curious to know where these names came from.

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Theme appears to be persian mythology and Zoroastrianism, possibly due to the generally desert/barren landscape of Indar.


Theme here obviously the norse mythology due to the landscape covered in ice and snow.


Theme is obviously native american mythology.

I tried to find sources for the continent names themselves but couldn't find anything specific. If someone can help out there and give some reference in the comment, i'll edit it in.

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Great response - thanks! – Izzy Mar 19 '13 at 19:52

Those names are all taken from old nordic mythology, specifically the ones you listed are those of giants (I haven't played the game yet, so there might be other sources as well).

This page contains several lists, sorting them by Alphabet or category. (The page is in German, but tools like Google Translate should help.)

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