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the Special Jobs given by Delvin have been appearing in the dialogue options as *"I have completed the _ job"* (the underscore is where one of the 5 cities names appears ).

It shows this 5 times with all the cities that have the special jobs. When i choose one of the 5 options (or 4, I cant really recall), it goes through with the dialogue for completing the mission, and the last dialogue part for completing the last special mission (Along the lines of "You can hold your Head up high when your around here...")

Then I receive payment and that's that. It does this for the other 4 options as well. Additionally, it repeats after a few ingame days. I am utterly stumped on what to do and I would appreciate if I could get a detailed response on how to solve this.

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This issue is not in the list of normal bugs. If you are on PC I would recommend you to install the patches through the skyrim workshop and see if that helps. – uncovery Mar 22 '13 at 7:45
We prefer to have 1 question per problem, so I edited your question. The question about the tribute chest has already been asked here -… – kotekzot Jun 8 '13 at 8:25

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