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I am not sure whether this question is related to this site or not. (if not please migrate it to the correct site).

I installed Counter Strike 1.6. and now I am trying to play it online.

When I hit the Internet button in server options. I am getting error

could not contact master game server to retrieve server list

I searched about this error on internet and found this link. I did everything as mentioned in that site, but still no use.

The steps I took after reading the posts in that site are as follows:

  • Download Masterserver.vdf (for CS 1.6) (to some other folder)
  • Open it in Notepad and copy the content to new text file.
  • Rename the new file name with MasterServer.vdf.
  • Copy it to half-life folder platform/config/ (not cstrike folder)
  • Go to properties of the downloaded file.
  • Make the new file read only.

What else would I have been missing here?

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