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In Gears of Way Judgement, you can re-up - similar to the 'prestiging' in Call of Duty. The problem is though, I would like to know how many times my opponents have re-uped. The current symbol for re-up #1 looks like a bronze star. I think the #2 re-up looks like a bronze star with a circle around it. Can anyone help me out with some sort of key or reference ? I heard you can re-up 11 times.

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The re-up symbols cycle through a star, a star with a circle background, a star with a COG symbol background:1

  • Re-up #1: bronze star
  • Re-up #2: bronze star with circle background
  • Re-up #3: bronze star with COG symbol background
  • Re-up #4: silver star
  • Re-up #5: silver star with circle background
  • Re-up #6: silver star with COG symbol background
  • Re-up #7: (unconfirmed) gold star
  • Re-up #8: (unconfirmed) gold star with circle background
  • Re-up #9: (unconfirmed) gold star with COG symbol background
  • Re-up #10: (unconfirmed) wings
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6th re-up.... in two days ?@!@!@!@ Whaaaaaaaaatttttt? Also, thanks for finding this ! – Zero Stack Mar 25 '13 at 19:19

You can only re-up 3 times and the first time you re-up it's a star its color is bronze when your on the red team and silver when your on the blue team and second re-up is star with a triangle kind of shape with star in it I haven't run someone who has re-upped to 3 yet

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Re up 3 is a star with a cog around it..i read you can reup 11 times..thats what they said in the epic forums – user44606 Mar 24 '13 at 21:53

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