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I realize that the strobulb is on the chandelier, and I can get the chandelier to go down by sucking on the ceiling fan, so then I run down and try to suck the strobulb off the chandelier from the bottom floor when it is lowered...and nothing seems to work. Am I just not sucking properly? How do I get the strobulb?

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Make sure you do the following:

  • Drop the chandelier ALL the way down. Suck up the fan until it stops moving.
  • Run downstairs immediately after you stop turning the fan. Actually run, with B. Walking is just a bit too slow.
  • Press X to pick up the bulb. Just walk up to it and you'll get a prompt, you do NOT suck the bulb up with the Poltergust. You'll have to be on the same side of the chandelier as the bulb to get it.
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Oh, okay, I was trying to suck it up, and that is where the problem was. Apparently sucking does not solve everything. – Ash Mar 26 '13 at 2:10

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