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I am stuck on the Fire Fight level. I cannot pass the room where the ship or roof collapsed.

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Hi, Welcome to Gaming.Stackexchange! Your question is very vague right now -- is the name of the game "Nova"? You could probably stand to rework your question title and question itself with more thorough grammar. It isn't quite clear what you're asking for -- a walkthrough? Step-by-step? A hint? – Raven Dreamer Nov 16 '10 at 18:41
@Raven - Nova: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance is the name of the game. It is a first-person shooter for iOS. – sjohnston Nov 16 '10 at 18:51
@Rodney - I have attempted to clarify your question, however, it would be helpful if you could explain what exactly is giving you difficulty. Is it a puzzle? A difficult fight? Please edit your question to give us a little more information. – sjohnston Nov 16 '10 at 18:54

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