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I loaded Civilization V onto my window 8 PC last December and everything worked fine. I purchased Civilization V GOLD from best buy. I used the uninstall option from the original disk and loaded GOLD. None of the new GOLD civilizations were available and my previous save games showed up and were playable. I used the windows 8 uninstall option, then I reloaded Gold, I got the same results. How do I get the GOLD options to replace the original Civilization V program? Thanks

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Civilization 5 requires Steam, so you're loading the Steam client up, right? Was there a code inside the box (maybe on the manual or printed on the CD case)? If you put that code into Steam, I bet your problems will be resolved. – agent86 Mar 27 '13 at 16:36

Had a similar issue when I was trying to install Civ5 Gold. The auto-start menu had the "Play Civ V Gold" option enabled even if it wasn't installed yet.

I entered the key in Steam and then used the "Re-install" option in the auto-start menu. After installation and updating completed, it worked just fine.

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