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How can one disable, or at least tone down, the gore in Bioshock Infinite?

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No I'm afraid you can't. There is no such option in any of the menus, not even in the PC version. I searched around a bit, but for this game this isn't an option.

Also, if you read some articles you'll understand why. Just a small excerpt:

The thing is — and this is possibly a spoiler — you’ll use your face-ripping, flesh-melting, eye-pecking weapons and powers to take out white supremacists. That’s game violence put to good use.

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You'll use those powers on far, far more people than just white supremacists. – Sterno Mar 28 '13 at 14:59
That's an excerpt from an article, used just to describe the "violent violence" in BS:I. The "white supremacists" was not the cardinal point here – Samuele Mattiuzzo Apr 3 '13 at 9:35
Well. Looks like I'm not going for the execution achievement then. I got nauseous the first time I saw one and have refused to perform another ever since. – Yuuki Apr 3 '13 at 20:04

I am pretty sure that you can't tone down or disable the gore/violence. At least on consoles.

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