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I haven't been playing for very long and I know it was daylight at one point, now I feel like night is taking forever! I can't tell if the sun cycle happened because I moved around or if it is just on a clock cycle. If it's time based, how long does it take? If it's event based, which areas trigger the change?

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the progression between day and night is time based, so 5 Minutes in realtime match 1 hour Ingame-Risen Time.

But i think that your day-night cycle is corrupt! Its a well known Bug taking place on AMD Dual Core PCs. A Solution is to get the latest AMD Dual Core Optimizer. Hope that works for you: AMD Optimizer

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hmm, I have an i7 but thanks for pointing that out, others may find it useful – ioSamurai Nov 19 '10 at 22:18

As the other answer mentions, the risen day-night cycle is based on time.

There are a few options to fast-forward time (and one to slow it down) though:

  1. You can sleep. During the game you will get a few places "of your own", but there are also plenty of beds in the wild etc. you can sleep in without trouble. This will allow you to fast-forward to the following morning, noon, evening, or midnight (in addition to fully healing you).
  2. Using the console, there are a few commands to control time. To activate the console, type "minsky" quickly. A message will appear if you got it right. You can now access the console by using the key left of "1" and above tab.
    1. The console command time HH.MM will set the time to HH:MM.
    2. timescale X changes the relationship between RL time to in-game/Risen time. One source says the default time scale is 1, but I haven't found a way to show default values in the console.

Note that I haven't actually played around with the console that much, and I haven't experimented with time or timescale. Using help in the console will give you some guidance, and likewise will the tab-completion help you enter the right commands.

See also the "Time" entry in the Risen Wikia's FAQ:

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