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I have Rayman Origins on Steam but I didn't found the button to play with two players if I have two controllers connected.

The first works automatically, the second controller doesn't seems to activate the additional player.

What is the button to let the second player enter the game?

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I think the second controller isn't detected by the game. See if both controllers show up in Device manager

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If it's an XBox controller, the button to join is "A". The second player's icon should show up as a transparent icon next to player 1's in the top right of the screen when a second controller is detected.

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When the second controller is connected and recognized by the device it should say:

Player 2, press any button to join next to player 1.

On the pc version however you need to configure the controller before you can use it in the controls menu.

I have this myself game on the pc and wii and I play co-op a lot.

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If you have a wireless Xbox controller then you just have to make sure it's on before you start the game.

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Two 360 controllers is easy: With both 360 controllers, go to Options and click player 1, hit reset. Your first 2 controllers now work.

(3-4 controllers? No idea. Game is broken, maybe?)

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