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I'm finishing my play through of Force Unleashed, and I've gotten up to where you fight Vader on the Death Star. I battle him in the hallway, then he goes into the back room, with the hot floor. I fight him there for a little bit, and then he just ... stops. He doesn't attack, he doesn't defend, he doesn't throw things, he doesn't walk around, and I can't cause any damage to him.

Is this a known bug in FU? I know it was widely regarded to be an EXCEPTIONALLY buggy game. I'm playing the PC version on Steam.

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Does this happen consistently? I would put this down to a bug. – Macha Dec 17 '10 at 12:55

This does appear to be a bug, and it also occurs to some users on the PS3 version. There hasn't been any sign of the developers acknowledging this one however.

It appears to occur after a certain time according to the linked gamespot thread, so maybe you could try defeat him faster. If that fails, it appears some users have had luck reverting to an earlier save and starting that section of the game again.

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