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This was a much requested feature in the first Cities in Motion, surely it has added so that you can somehow re-order the stops?

I don't want to keep deleting all of my stops, just because I want to change the order of a stop at the beginning.

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There is no way to directly edit or re-order the stops. What you can do is delete all the stops up to the point where you want to detour a new stop, then add new ones, then add the rest of your stops back. It's kind of a pain (they really need a drag-and-drop) but that's the current implementation. I realize you asked this question here but I'm summarizing it for others.

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Thanks, I realised there that if you're adding a stop residing on the existing path of your line, it will automatically fit it in between automatically, which is at least something. – Mastergalen Apr 4 '13 at 10:06

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