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In the game, Papers, Please, you play as an immigration inspector.

Normally, the immigrants and visitors will show you their documents and papers once they've been called to the counter.

This one didn't: This is Day 3.

I'm pretty much stuck with this man until the end of my shift. How do I get this man to leave the counter?

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Turns out I had to highlight the discrepancies (lower right "red !" button), by highlighting the part of the rule book where it says everyone had to have a passport to enter, and highlighting the area of the counter where one should place his papers. This will show an 'interrogate' option (lower-middle part of the counter) allowing one to continue.

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+1 I love the comment in your question that links to this question because it answers your question... if you know what I mean. – Philipp Apr 8 '13 at 7:34

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