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How can I use Action Replay–type cheat codes for PS1 games that my computer (Windows) emulates?

I would like to play games I used to play when I was younger, such as Final Fantasy VIII, but I want to skip all the hours of grinding for experience. Codes would enable me to fully enjoy the game.

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look for save files online. but the point to RPGs is kinda to grind and get stronger ... – user41604 Apr 9 '13 at 13:26
Don't mist emulators come with action replay code support? Either way you can just use cheat engine for any game on the PC – l I Apr 9 '13 at 13:34
Most emulators let you just put in gameshark-esque codes in. The gameshark codes themselves might work for all I know, I haven't tried myself – Ben Brocka Apr 9 '13 at 13:50
Well, it depends on the emulator, and it's features. Action Replays and similar devices just inject data directly into memory locations, and emulators can do that pretty easily. But whether your particular emulator supports it or not is a different story. – Frank Apr 9 '13 at 15:54
Which emulator are you using? This question would be easier to answer if it was "How do I use cheat codes in [the name of the emulator]?" instead, but we need to know which emulator you're talking about to answer. – SevenSidedDie Apr 9 '13 at 16:54

The best one to use is probably PEC.

There is a nice guide that runs through the setup and how to add it to ePSXE, as well as common issues (such as cheats not working, etc).

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Please summarize the linked information here. That way, if the site is down, your answer is still valid and useful, without needing to rely on a different site. – Frank Jan 4 at 15:50

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