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I use MAME almost from the begginning of the project and love it. But today exists so many variations and "distributions" of the original that I can't keep the count. I used the MAME Plus project but today i like the MAME Plus! XT a little more. I'm looking for a version that used a multicore processor better but any suggestions would be appreciated. I also prefer the ones that keep upto date with the original project. Thanks in advance.

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There are 2 main versions which together will play pretty much everything. For the official MAME, get MameUI64: this version has a nice user interface and is 64bit. Winkawaks is used for some Capcom games which run on a different chipset to MAME.

Everything else seems to built on top of these two.

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If you are interested in submitting high scores to Twin Galaxies, you'll need to use WolfMAME: the version from which they are currently accepting scores is 0.106. (Yes, it's five years old, and the current version is 0.142, but it's their site and their rules.)

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