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I've become a vampire and I've started the quest to cure myself. As I'm stage 4, I can't talk to Falion, so I've tried to drink some blood around. I've done 3-4 humans and it seems not to be enough. People still want to kill me all the time.

What did I do wrong and what should I do? I'm playing on a PS3.

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One feeding is enough to reduce your vampirism to stage 1 regardless of how long it has been since you had a "snack". The ongoing hostility is either due to people witnessing / remembering your violent tendencies or a bug.

If you fast travel to somewhere you have no bounty in after feeding and the people are still hostile, reload an old save or get the dawnguard expansion(it removes the stage 4 vampire hostility).

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Plenty of suggestions on The Elder Scrolls Wiki

Doesn't say how many feedings you need however you can feed multiple times off the same sleeping person.

Personally, I just became a werewolf.

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