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How can I get statistics in Dota 2 such as hit/loss ratio, what skill level do I have (not the Battle Points) and such figures.

One very interesting metric would be the win/loss ratio in function of what items you bought for each hero.

Is there an independent website providing these kind of statistics ?

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Dotabuff will give you detailed information on your win/loss ratio, and K/D ratio, even breaking it down by hero and match. However it requires you to enable public statistics, and it can't get any level or Battle Points info.

The easier way is to just to view your own profile inside of Dota 2. It will give you your level and your number of wins and losses.

Dotabuff doesn't show items' win/loss ratios personalized, although you can view overall item effects, but I don't think that there are any other websites to do any of this.

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