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Veronica is an awesome companion and in my current save i've killed everyone in the BoH because of an accident involving a ranger outfit and the phrase "you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker". Am i screwed? or can i still get veronica?

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Depends on what the resulting reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel was.

From The Vault wiki's "Veronica Santangelo" article:

Veronica will leave you if your reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel drops to Vilified. However, it seems that with a reputation even as low as Merciful Thug, she will continue to happily accompany you on your travels. It should be noted that she will remain a companion upon destruction of the Hidden Valley bunker, although she warns it is your last chance, similar to what happens with Craig Boone if you work too closely with the Legion, or Rose of Sharon Cassidy if you gain negative Karma while she is your companion.

Other player actions that may affect whether Veronica joins you or not:

  • If you talk negatively about the Brotherhood in your first conversation, she won't join you.
  • If you have destroyed the Brotherhood Bunker in Hidden Valley before recruiting her, she will come up to you and ask you what you know about the Brotherhood at 188 trading post. If you tell her what you did, she will say "Well in that case: This is for them." and attack the player.
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