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I bought a new Wii U a few months ago. I most often play Mario Kart Wii (in Wii mode) and have been noticing an increasing amount of fits of controller lag.

I know that the Wii isn't known for lagless controllers, but this isn't typical .1 or .2 second lag for all input. We'll be playing fine for twenty minutes, then all of a sudden the Wii will have one of these "fits" where all controller input lags and becomes extremely choppy. Pausing the game and waving the Wiimote slowly in front of the TV reveals that the Wii is picking up inputs only 3 or 4 times a second. (i.e., the hand icon stands still and jumps back and forth: choppy.)

Resyncing/resetting the Wii U stops the problem, as does waiting it out sometimes, but it makes many games completely unplayable when you suddenly lose control. What can I do to fix this broken Wii U?

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What can I do to fix this broken Wii U? I don't know; maybe go back to wherever you bought the Wii U and ask if your warranty's still valid? That's what I usually do, when I get the feeling something's not right. I did this when my DSi's R-button no longer worked. Had to wait a week, but eventually the result was satisfying. – Nolonar Apr 13 '13 at 19:44
there might be anoter device trying to use the bandwidth, find all bluetooth and wifi devices (it's in that band that the communication happens) and shut them off and see it that helps – ratchet freak Apr 13 '13 at 21:43
Turn off your Microwave – Robotnik Jul 10 at 1:26

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There are three things that could be happening.

  1. Your sensor bar or Wiimote is broken. If ALL the controllers do it, it's probably your sensor bar.
  2. You're sitting (or standing) too far away from the sensor bar.
  3. Your Wii U GamePad is intercepting your Wiimote's signals. The GamePad has its own sensor bar inside of it, and I've experienced the exact same sort of thing with my Wiimotes. All you have to do is turn the GamePad away from you to block the infrared signals.

Hope that helped!

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Mario Kart Wii doesn't use the IR sensor during a race, so if they're having lag then it can't be because of the sensor bar. – George T Mar 26 at 15:27
Which brings it to either faulty controllers (slim chance if it's happening with every controller..) or you're getting interference on the wiimote's frequency (I don't know what that is off the top of my head. Although I'm sure Google knows) – DangerZone Aug 11 at 21:27

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