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I've got two copies of a couple of Nintendo games (Super Mario World for the SNES and Super Mario 64 for the N64). I want to sell the extra copy of each, but I don't know which one to keep since they are slightly different.

With Super Mario World, one has a model number of SNS-MW-USA while the other is SNS-MW-USA-1. The text label on the former also takes up the whole edge of the cartridge, while the text on the edge of the latter is shorter.

With Super Mario 64, one is labeled NUS-NSME-USA while the other is labeled NUS-NSME-USA-1 and has a "Players Choice Million Seller" seal on the label.

Logic says that the ones with the -1 suffix are newer revisions of the game with bug-fixes or whatever, but I don't know for sure. Can anyone tell me what the difference is and which is the better one to keep?

Thanks a lot.


I just noticed a few more differences between the SNES cartridges. On the back, the -1 one has SNS-USA/CAN where the other one has just SNS-USA. Also, The older one has five notes/instructions/warnings (in English), while the newer one has only two in each of English and Spanish. The older one has a 20 stamped in black next to "Important" while the -1 one has 27. Finally, the -1 one has an additional patent listed.

(The N64 cartridges have identical backs.)

I guess that the ones with a -1 suffix are indeed newer.

I still wonder if there is any change to the software itself. For example, I have seen walk-throughs and such that list tricks you can do using glitches, which I suspect may not be possible with a newer one.

These past two weeks, I played both games all the way through (to 100% completion) on the cartridges with the -1 suffixes, so I hope I made the right choice (and don't have to beat myself up for losing the save-games).

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There is not much difference, only that you name it and...

Another difference is the little slot or notch that holds the game into the SNES when it's powered on. The origional release has the slot, which is the older style of SNES carts. The re-release has this area notched to the bottom of the cart, the newer style of SNES carts.

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While you're probably correct in assuming the million seller one is the newer copy, but I don't believe Nintendo is in the habit of making new editions with bug fixes and the like (Sony on the other hand, has been known to update the onboard OS for their systems without telling anyone).

Furthermore, Nintendo cartridges are notorious for being practically indestructible, meaning there's going to be a minimal difference between the two of them (unless there are visual defects you haven't told us about). I think you're best bet is to keep the newer one (cause the internal battery will die out 20 years from now instead of 19 years from now), but I do believe the difference between them will be minimal at best.

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So then the ones with the -1 suffix are indeed newer? – Synetech Nov 23 '10 at 21:44

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