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This answer in the question, "Can you rebuy things from fences if they don't sell that item in skyrim?" states that:

Unique items (e.g. Dragon Claws) remain in the inventory of the storekeepers indefinitely. However items such as armour, whilst they will remain for a day or so, are liable to be lost permanently when the storekeeper's merchandise chest resets.

Aside from Dragon Claws, are there other "unique" items which will stay in a merchant's inventory forever? What determines if an item is considered "unique"?

I would like to know as I regularly sell items I don't need to merchants, so they can be "deleted" in the game when the merchants have their inventory reset. I am not sure which items will indeed be removed with a merchant inventory reset.

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I've had several items stay far, far, longer than a day in a vender's shop before. I am not sure if they stay indefinitely, though they seem to take a lot of time to go away.

There is a list of items that are either permanent, as in they will never go away ever, or persistant, if they fall on that side of things they too will not go away ever, if they don't they will.

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Which items are those? – galacticninja May 29 '13 at 6:12
Well the weird thing for me was that it seemed to be mostly regular armor that took a while to fade. I know it was mine because I always tempered it and enchanted it before I sold it. I did however find a list of items that should work anyway, see answer. – Selonianth May 30 '13 at 20:21

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