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I've read that although there is a recomended level range för DLC, you can to some extent enter whenever you like. I personally have done them at roughly ten levels higher than what the wikia says.

My next walkthrough I was thinking of gentering at a lower level, but that also means my Lockpick and Science will be lower. Will the difficulty of locks and computers stay the same or are they adjusted with my level?

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The level recommendation is because the baddies are pretty tough in the DLC, and will squish lower level players much more quickly. – shanodin Apr 24 '13 at 5:33
I've noticed that, even being overleveled, it can be rather easy to die even if technically overleveled. – Selonianth Jun 9 '13 at 2:42
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The lockpick requirements do not scale with your level, in DLC or otherwise. There's a list of all the locks on this page which gives the fixed lockpick requirements for each.

Science and terminals are a bit trickier - the Wikia lists a range for some terminals although it's not clear to me what this indicates. I believe that they've just consolidated all the terminals in a particular area on a single row, and that the Science requirements are fixed.

Most other skill checks in the game (in dialog or otherwise) do not scale with your level.

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