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I am experimenting with Cvars.

Those are variables set in the server and or client.

List here:

I want to export some of those via the say command but i am missing the syntax to do so.

For example:

say "My Hostport is :%s" %hostport


say "My Hostport is :" +hostport

does not work.

If there is a way with autoexec i would love to use that too.

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The console in Source engine is very, very limited, and even more so in Dota 2.

The only 2 things you can do with a cvar are: print it to console and overwrite it.

What you want to do is impossible.

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well thats sad. my intention was to get the current gametime ,(optional) add 10 min and say in allychat "roshan died at, respawns at: x". thx for your clear answer. i will let this question stay unaccepted for 2 days. maybe someone has a solution. – Wandang Apr 24 '13 at 22:32

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