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Before I realised Steam had a backup option, I tried to manually back up my games.

For my game I have the NCF file, and the Game data (the folder from Steam/steamapps/common).

I have done the following

  1. I put the NCF file in Steam/steamapps
  2. I put the game folder in Steam/steamapps/common
  3. I restarted my computer

Steam still thinks the game is not installed and is trying to make me redownload it.

Is there a way I can let Steam know the game is there?

Note: I live in Australia, and we have download limits, so I don't want to redownload my whole game again.

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aw man, +1 for internet limits – Paralytic Apr 26 '13 at 1:35

I found a dup question here -> How to get Steam to recognize existing game files from a different source?

So I just clicked install, and it worked.

The game was Deus Ex: Human revolution.

What is weird, is with Shogun 2 it didn't work and I had to download 30ish gig again for that game. Though with that game I didn't have the ncf file. So maybe that is needed?

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You don't need to add this as an answer. Mods can close this question as a duplicate of the one you provided. – deutschZuid Apr 26 '13 at 3:47

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