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Is there any way for me to directly modify how many players are on each team for CS:GO? I don't have a very good computer, and the default 5v5 makes running CS:GO a real pain. I'd really like to only start out with 3v3s, realisticlly, but I don't know how to modify server settings.

What should I do to make offline with bots a lot easier on my computer?

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There are a couple of ways to accomplish this, namely editing config files. However, the easiest way is for you to use console commands once you are in a game to fill it however you like. You will start with a standard 5 vs 5 setup and by using the following commands you can then clear the server and fill it with the amount of bots you so desire.

  1. bot_kick - This command will remove all bots from the game.
  2. bot_quota # - By replacing the "#" with a number you will spawn in that amount of bots. Take into account that YOU are included in that number. For instance if you type "bot_quota 2" it will simply add 1 bot in addition to yourself.

You can find additional bot-related console commands HERE.

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That was quick! Thanks a lot! – waifu Apr 27 '13 at 16:22

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