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I want to do the Jarl's quest in Falkreath to be able to build a house.

I seem to be stuck at the "Kill the Bandit Leader" quest.

  • I was sent to kill the Bandit Leader in Knifepoint Ridge.
  • I had not been there previously.
  • I killed the leader and returned to Siddgeir.
  • I talk to him and click the Reward dialogue option.
  • He says he will give me the reward but doesn't give me anything, and if I choose to talk to him again I can still see the reward dialogue option.
  • Clicking it simply doesn't complete the quest.

This is frustrating! Skyrim is a great game but these critical bugs are STILL present.

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I solved it by following this guide: Here is what I did:

Open console, then type ShowQuestTargets. Use pageup and pagedown on your keyboard to find your quest that is stuck, in my case Favor154. Type Player.sqs Favor154 in the console to see your progress (stage). Finally, type SetStage Favor154 20. 20 is the stage that was stuck for me, the dialogue with Siddgeir.

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