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One of my challenges is to "Win a Tournament With a Hand Win Percentage Greater than 25%":

What does that mean? Does it refer to the chances of winning a hand that are displayed or is it referring to the overall number of hands you played? If the latter, does it only count the hands that you participated in or all total hands?

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It has to do with how many hands have been played and how many you have won. Nothing to do with the percentages shown during showdowns.

Hands won vs played are shown during blind increases. However, quitting and rejoining a tourney seems to reset to 0 so you could exploit that near the end of the match to get >25%.

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It refers to the hand you are playing and winning with. For example, if all players go all in, everybody is showing their cards and a percentage chance of winning the hand is displayed. This percentage needs to be higher than 25% and you need to win with it.

It also cannot drop below 25% at any point during the card dealing as far as I know.

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