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In Dead Island, is there a cheaper time to repair a weapon, relative to its condition, or does each usage-by-hit cost the same to repair?

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Yes, it's condition 70%, according to this:

  • The repair cost does not increase by a static amount for every hit.
  • The repair cost seems to be about 3.6644 times the default value of the weapon when durability is depleted.
  • The increase in repair cost per hit follows an inverted parabolic curve.
  • The durability is, in most cases, one less than the number of hits a weapon can inflict before breaking.
  • There seems to be a base repair cost which is about 33% of the value, thereby making the first hit always the most expensive.
  • Summary: The optimal repair point is 70% durability. The cost per hit is most expensive at 40% durability.
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I don't accept this answer because it can be one-upped by actually posting scientific notes rather than merely linking it. – NiteCyper May 11 '13 at 23:50

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