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At the beginning of Candy Box, you can only eat candy or throw candy on the ground. Do either of these actions have any effect on anything else in the game?

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Eating candies increases your max health, dropping candies on the floor appears to do nothing, although you do get a progressively sadder face next to the count as you dump more.

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To extend @Sconibulus's answer:

setNbrThrown : function(value){
    this.nbrThrown = value;

    // We choose which smiley we want to add at the end of the sentence
    if(this.nbrThrown <= 10) smiley = ".";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 20) smiley = "...";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 30) smiley = "...?";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 40) smiley = "...? <tt>:|</tt>";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 50) smiley = "...? <tt>:/</tt>";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 60) smiley = "...? <tt>:(</tt>";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 70) smiley = "...? <tt>:[</tt>";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 80) smiley = "...? <tt>:{</tt>";
    else if(this.nbrThrown <= 90) smiley = "...? <tt>:'(</tt>";
    else smiley = "...? <tt>(;_;)</tt>";

    if(this.nbrThrown != 1) htmlInteraction.setInnerHtml("candies_thrown", "You threw " + this.nbrThrown + " candies on the ground" + smiley);
    else htmlInteraction.setInnerHtml("candies_thrown", "You threw 1 candy on the ground" + smiley);
    htmlInteraction.setElementVisibility("candies_thrown", true);

Throwing candies on the ground does nothing immediately. However, in the computer section (I'm not there yet, I just did a search through all the .js files. This is in computer.js):

    bug2: function() {
        var rndrnd;
        if (lollipops.nbrOwned >= 10000000) {
            lollipops.setNbrOwned(lollipops.nbrOwned - 10000000);
            switch (random.getRandomIntUpTo(2)) {
                case 0:
                    candies.setNbrOwned(candies.nbrOwned + candies.nbrThrown);
                    htmlInteraction.setInnerHtml("computer_comment_2", "You picked up all candies you have thrown on the floor. (" + candies.nbrThrown + ")");

It appears there is a point where you have the option of picking up all the candies you throw on the floor. I don't know why you would want to do this (a way to store candies for later?), but it is apparently an option.

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There should also be a comment at the top of the code that tells you you're cheating. :P on a side note, that picking up all the candies on the floor option is only available after you beat the game at a cost of 100 milion lolipops, and even at that it is random whether you get the option or not. Can't say much detail without spoiling it. – Nil May 5 '13 at 23:44
At the time of getting that you'll already be getting billions of candies, but good answer. – Ullallulloo May 6 '13 at 2:35

Per this interview, throwing the candies on the ground does nothing.

Every action you take seems to lead to a new discovery, except one.

"Throwing the candies on the ground does nothing," aniwey said, adding a smile.

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