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I bought Urn of Shadows for the first time in my last match, and i was surprised at how useful it is.

I want to know is there a limit on the charges you can get on it, or can i just stack them up without worrying I'll hit the limit and waste a charge that way.

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If you're curious why you at some point didn't gain a charge for a kill, it's most likely because one of your teammates also has an Urn. – Decency May 4 '13 at 17:56
@Decency Nah i know that, Iv'e read the item description. Only thing that wasn't there is whether it has limit charges or not. It doesn't say it does of course, but i know most items do have some kinds of limits so i just wanted to make sure. – ChrisHateZ May 4 '13 at 18:58
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There is no limit to the number of charges an urn of shadows can get. But there should be no reason for you to save too many charges since they don't provide an additional benefit. Also, remember that the heal/damage is a fixed value so the later the game goes, the less useful it is.

Also, the radius to cast the urn is 950 while the radius where it gains a charge is 1400.

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