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Eating candies increase max health. I'm currently trying to balance my hitpoints on my current playthrough, as I had encountered a problem finishing a certain quest on a previous playthrough due to eating too much candy.

I tried computing the HP I get from three different saved games, but I get different computations for each:

Default hitpoints: 100

Save # 1
Candies eaten: 1179994540874
HP: 141670

1179994540874 candies / (141670 - 100) HP = 8335060.68 candies / HP

Save # 2
Candies eaten: 300004 candies
HP: 425

300004 candies / (425 - 100) HP = 923.09 candies / HP

Save# 3
Candies eaten: 370 candies
HP: 122

370 candies / (122 - 100) HP = 16.82 candies / HP

Hence, I would like to ask:

  • What affects the amount of hitpoints each candy increases?
  • By how much will eating one candy raise max health?
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It's a formula that yields diminishing returns per-candy.

Max HP = 100 + 2.1 * Candies^0.4

(Where 'Candies' = candies eaten, obvs)

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Taking the derivative with respect to candies...

Each candy will give you +(.84/(candies eaten^.6)) to your max health.

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This is just the formule from @LessPop_MoreFizz's answer in another form... – Arperum May 6 '13 at 19:52

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