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I can't find anywhere to get quarried stone to build my house on the hearthfire expansion so I would like to know lots of places to get it.

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Near any house plot in Skyrim Hearthfire there is a quarry in the direct vicinity of the house plot.

As example, for the house plot in Falkreath, the quarry is directly next to the construction bench. You just need a pickaxe to quarry it. Fortunately there is a pickaxe right next to it.

There are some other places too in the world, but I don't think it would make much sense listing them because of what I said above.

Quarries also provide an infinite amount of "Quarried Stone", so you don't have to go anywhere else.

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There should be a quarry right near your plot, with a pickaxe laying right next to it.

It will never run out of stone so you have an unlimited amount and you'll get 4 stones every 3 seconds!

As a bonus, here is a map link : http://srmap.uesp.net/?centeron=Gray+Pine+Goods

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The steward (also called housecarl) can supply you with it and anything you need. He will have it for 100 gold.

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