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I've put together a fast, brutal party of slavers, and we love to burn villages. My dream is to undermine the economy of Rhodoks so badly that the other kingdoms devour their lands.

However, I'm not certain that such plunder actually affects the AI players. Does anyone know? I'm suspicious because of things like the AI magically spawning new soldiers into a garrison, without any lord recruiting them, training them, or moving them in. I assume that the AI uses many shortcuts. Since I've never seen an AI lord enter a village (and collect his taxes), it makes me wonder if that economy matters at all.

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Based on my experience, I'm almost 100% sure raiding villages doesn't hinder the AI at all. – l I May 13 '13 at 1:42
After many months of raiding, there seemed to be little effect. Unsatisfied, I made this crude prototype: It's not really a test of whether or not that strategy will work in M&B. Rather, it's just to provide the experience. – AndrewNordFace Jun 3 '13 at 0:42
In my experience lords spend quite time to train soldiers but definitely looks like they get them from no were. Some times I destroyed a and lord he escapes and after getting in and out a town he come back with one hundred soldiers or so... – kifli Jun 24 at 12:51

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