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Warning Forever's Catastrophe With Penta-Forces Custom.

I tried to make a slow motion Warning Forever run today (Fraps slows the game by approximately half), with kind of disappointing results (my 999 seconds countdown only run fell short of Grace's 180 seconds three ships regular run played in real time by some 10 million points — pictured is the last boss I fought).

Something I noticed, however, is that the game never thought it would be a good idea to have the bosses improve their defense.

What does the Defense score mean and what makes it increase? Am I missing something here, or do I just die too easily?

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My game strategy for this one run was to dig my way to the core as fast as possible, then shooting at it until it went down. A lot of bosses took more than a minute to go down this way. When I switched to chopping bosses off in smaller pieces, bosses started going down in 20-30 seconds each (I also stopped using the directional weapons). This still didn't prompt them to upgrade their Defense, though... – badp Nov 29 '10 at 18:16
I was doing a 3-lives run, not a 3 minute run. I don't think I could've possibly gotten through 48 stages in only 3 minutes. So, be proud of your 48 million; your actual score rate was far higher than mine. ♪ – Grace Note Nov 29 '10 at 18:21
@Grace Well, I was cheating by playing at half speed ;) – badp Nov 29 '10 at 18:23
I know what defense does (outer parts tend to be a lot more beefy and the Shielding effect happens more often and lasts much longer), but I don't know why your bosses have such low defense. – Grace Note Nov 29 '10 at 18:24
@Resorath Play mode doesn't affect boss evolution (otherwise, the custom game modes would be pretty wonky); as well, badp was doing a countdown from 999, not lives-based play. – Grace Note Nov 29 '10 at 21:36

Here's a description of how to evolve bosses from a Jay is Games commenter:

First, you need to understand how to grow parts.
To get Wide, you need to get horizontal extensions.
To get Attack, you need vertical extensions.
To get Armor, you need to attack the guns in close combat.

Now the parts that will be created:
Wide top = Wings
Wide bottom = Arms
Attack top = Buster
Attack bottom = Striker
Armor top = Tornado
Armor bottom = Defender

Now the evolution flow.
Pure Heart = The first ship, and the base and foundation of the rest of the ships.
Intial forms:
W=Wide, A=Attack, M=Armor
Pure Heart + Top part + Bottom part
PH+W+W=Double Wider
PH+W+A=Wide Attacker
PH+W+M=Wide Armor
PH+A+W=Attack Wider
PH+A+A=Double Armor
PH+A+M=Attack Armor
PH+M+W=Armored Wider
PH+M+A=Armored Attacker
PH+M+M=Double Armor

Evolution 1 forms
Double Wider > Wing Arms
Wide Attacker > Wing Striker
Wide Armor > Wing Defender
Attack Wider > Buster Arms
Double Attacker > Buster Striker
Attack Armor > Buster Defender
Armored Wider > Tornado Arms
Armored Attacker > Tornado Striker
Double Armor > Tornado Defender

Evolution 2 forms
Wing Arms > Asura
Wing Striker > Pheonix
Wing Defender > Hammerhead
Buster Arms > Scorpion
Buster Striker > Muramasa
Buster Defender > Big Magnum
Tornado Arms > Hekatoncheir
Tornado Striker > Berserker
Tornado Defender > ISE-ONE*

Evolution 3 forms
Asura, Pheonix, Scorpion, Muramasa > Infinity
Hammerhead, Big Magnum > Catastrophe
Hekatoncheir, Berserker > Armageddon

*ISE-ONE no longer evolves into a third form.

That's a bit hard to visualize, so here's a nifty chart showing evolution through tiers 2 and 3:

Boss flowchart

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