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Is there a way to display your total and current amount of health/mana/stamina in Skyrim on screen while you're playing? Is there a console command I could run for example?

By default they are only seen as bars, and also only displayed when you're using them.

Update: Found a command called ToggleDebugText which looked promising, but doesn't seem to do anything at all when I run it...

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Depending on what you define as "while you're playing", you can always display the menu and go to "Skills", which will display your current and your maximum Health, Magicka and Stamina on 3 separate bars. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

If you're talking about displaying those on the HUD (Heads Up Display), you might want to look for a mod that does just that. I have found a Nexus mod that disables autohiding for the bars, but no mentions of displaying text on them. So far, this is the only mod I could find that remotely does what you want.
All other (4) mods were about hiding them more quickly, removing enemy health bars completely (No Enemy Healthbars or FPS Crosshair plus optional No Enemy Info), or moving the bars around.

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The skills menu does indeed half-solve it at least. All listed with numbers on a single screen. My hope was basically to have that bottom bar there visible while playing too, but yeah... seems like that might not be possible? –  Svish May 22 '13 at 13:22

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