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Time ago I played the original Supreme Commander game (at my friend's home) and it was cool, then other games passed by and now I felt nostalgic about it, so I came back and see if it could be a good idea to buy it, finding out that an "expansion" is out: Forged Alliance.

Forged Alliance is a stand alone, so you don't need the original game to play, which sounds good. It adds a new race, a new campaign, like 100 new units, which sound very good.

They still sell both games as different games, so I wonder: why should someone buy the base game instead of Forged Alliance? What does the latter has less?

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If you do not have a key for the original Supreme Commander you will be limited to only playing the new faction the Seraphim in Online Play.

The campaign for Forged Alliance is significantly shorter than the original game. Forged Alliance contains a total of six missions (for which you can choose to play as UEF, Aion or Cybran). The original game contains eighteen missions in total (six for each faction).

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So are you saying that Forged Alliance has ONLY the new race and the new campaign? What about skirmish matches against IA in local? Will I be able to play only the new race? – Frhay May 25 '13 at 18:37
I've just started up my copy (I've own the original, but it isn't installed and I don't remember ever entering my key), and I can select any race in the skirmish menu. I've also updated my answer regarding the campign. – Dracs May 25 '13 at 18:45
Thanks a lot... now I'm wondering... buying both for 14,99 EUR... or just Forged Alliance for 9,99 EUR... :P (It all depends on how much I'll want to play online, after all...) – Frhay May 26 '13 at 2:07

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