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Is Vietnam addon for Bad Company 2 will be a remake of an original Battlefield: Vietnam game (similar to how BF 1943 was to BF 1942), or it's a completely different game? If it's a remake then what features will be carried over?

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Well, it's a remake of 2004's Battlefield Vietnam only in the broad sense that it's a similar setting.

I do not think it's a true remake -- in the sense of having the same maps, same gameplay, and exactly the same vehicles and weapons as the 2004 game.

From what I have read, it'll be the same (awesome) core BF:BC2 gameplay, but transplanted to new jungle maps, vietnam-era weapons, and vietnam-era vehicles.

The [Vietnam] expansion pack will contain 4 new maps, 6 new vehicles, and 15 new weapons. It is also planned to include 49 contemporary music tracks which can be listened to via an in-game radio as well as new voice overs for both American and Vietnamese forces, based on authentic communication from the Vietnam war.

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Ah, the in-game radio! BF:V was worth playing just for those tunes. – Incredulous Monk Dec 2 '10 at 23:10

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