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The King's Bounty - The Legend and King's Bounty - Armored Princess games have an impressive amount of different creatures to use. I tried switching creatures often, but the morale system really discourages true diversity in army builds, and so there are many different units I have not even tried.

I would like to know what units / unit combination have been proven successful for other players in either of these great games, so I'll have a chance to try them out next time :) I'm especially interested in success stories with creatures that appear only mildly useful on first glance.

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Kings Bounty is basically the same as Heroes of Might and Magic and other similar hexbased tactical battle games. They all borrowed heavily from each other. So the strategies are generally the same. Obviously you want to protect your long range units (mages and archers) and use them to pick off enemy stacks before they become decimated themselves by enemy fire. Your infantry/cavalry units should be used to either block up the ground if your enemies are rushers, or charge in close to enemy ranged units so that they are ineffective. As far as morale bonuses go, try and avoid mixing different race types. Some units are uneffected by morale but most gain or lose bonuses based on what other units are in the same army. While it is handy for example to have a stack of Skeletons to act as fodder they cost more than they give if you pair them up with humans.

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I like using Cursed Ghost (50% resist physical ) with the spell Haste. Just put them in the midst of the enemy and use the Archmage Shield skill (another 50% resist physical ). It virtually takes 25% damage and their live drain skills to boost! I usually have more ghost aftermath,

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I haven't learned much about the tactics and the way to win in this game yet, but I have found that certain creatures have an unreasonable advantage when attacking one specific kind of other creatures. For example the Horde (humans with pitchforks) are nigh useless, except against certain creatures, where it seems unreasonably effective, such as anything that is insect or animal-like.

I have not found any strategy to building your army other than the obvious tactics game basics; you have your ranged attacks (those who can hurl magic or arrows across the playing field) and those who must be beside what they want to attack. I think winning may be more to do with maximizing your attack bonuses by which troop you send against what opposing type of troop.

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I've played over 50 hours of "the legend" and I'm now stuck. I don't have enough gold to buy new units and I can't find any monster stacks easier than "very hard". I searched the tubes a lot for answers and it seems that what I really overlooked is the spell resurection with an all human crew.

Basically, the trick is to have resurrection at a high level and "magic [something]" that allows you to regen mana when your creature gets hit. This will allow you to raise your army back on track whenever you get hit.

The units themselves are not that important, but your gold is like your total hp that you carry through the game. Even if you carry misfitted units but they don't die when you fight, you're all good

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I really liked Swordsmen, Archers, Ancient bears, Barbarians, and Guardsmen, but I like to play with the Warrior character because spirits of rage are really good with him and he can have a lot of units; that's my way of playing. Try it; I beat the game in sixteen days and was in the top five in the records.

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I combined my army acording to wives and items i had. Very good combinatiom is mirabella (+100% attack) or rina (+1 speed) with pirate flag, boots and pirate sword of some kind. Units of choice are all robbers and pirates as they all will benefit from all items and wife bonuses. There are 2 robber type units and 2 pirate, the fifth creature should be archmage/shaman/inquisitor for support and abilities or even archers if playing warrior. most usefull spell if you are not playing mage is resurrection.

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royal grifins knights paladins unicorns and inquisitors vs undead and level 3 elfs ranged.

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Why is this a good unit combination. Just telling us what you use is a good start, but you really need to add why for a good answer. –  Frank Nov 7 '14 at 19:36

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