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When I pounce on a guard from behind in Gunpoint, I have an option to punch him to knock him out. But after that I can apparently punch him again and again after that, spraying blood on the floor. Since a single punch is all it takes, is there any point for punching more beyond that, or is it purely for sadistic reasons?

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Well, I found out: 10+ punches kill the guard. It increases the violence rating, but removes a witness. Depending on the preference of the mission giver, one may be preferable to the other.

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I think punching the guard more than once is more likely to kill him, therefore increasing your violence rating. Punching them once should be enough to knock guards out.

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Only played the demo but it seems killing would also help get a better "Witnesses" rating. Dead men tell no tales. Not sure if it's worth the boost in Violence rating though. – leokhorn Jun 3 '13 at 11:56

You actually get a bunch of funny messages, followed by an achievement if you punch a guard 100 times!

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10 punches to kill a guard, helpful for max violence request but not for minimum violence. Also, via Steam you can get an achievement for punching him a bunch of times.

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