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Taken from the CS:GO Wiki:

something Rampage! Win an Arms Race match without dying.

As it currently stands, this achievement is almost unbeatable for me to get. By the time I get to be about mid tier (rifles and snipers), I seem to get killed at that point.

I'd also like to mention the fact that I'm playing with other people. Even so, it's a fairly difficult achievement, and I'd like to try and get it.

What can I do to get this achievement legitly? I've tried playing with easy bots to get it; even so, it's painfully hard, especially when you get down to the gold knife level. Is there any tricks, console commands, possibly guides to actually getting this achivement?

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I'd suggest playing easy bots and being more sneaky than usual. I got this achievement on my 2nd try versus easy bots on the Baggage level. First off, I stuck to the outside of the map (right side from CT spawn ramp) and peaked bots to kill them and retreated when necessary. Definitely do not go running around the middle of the map, try not to get shot even once because your health needs to last the entire match.

It is very possible to go a long while without getting shot once versus easy bots. My first try I had gotten shot once for 13 damage all the way until nearly the end when some bot got lucky and killed me.

The last kill with the knife was pretty tricky... The bots all had shotguns at that point and it was difficult to get close enough to kill one without getting shot. I would recommend going down the ramp from CT maybe into the lower baggage area and try to find one that isn't looking. Be Very sneaky when trying to get the final knife kill, the knife kill may take a few tries.

If you wanna do this versus humans you're just going to have to be VERY good and get lucky by playing against some weaker opponents. I really think that against humans this is nearly impossible. Stick to easy bots. (If you want to cheese it, bots_knives_only will probably get you an easy win, but you said you wanted it legitimately)

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Great answer, thank you! – waifu Jul 23 '13 at 20:52
TIL you could get achievements playing offline with bots. Only 500+ hrs spent ... – Shekhar Feb 2 at 21:59

I'd recommend having only 1 enemy and 2 allied bots; (bot_kick )

With this setup your allied bots will find and distract the enemy, possibly lowering his health, while you go in for the actual kill.

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All you need to do is head up to the top level and wait in the left hand side windows. They stop to aim, and you can lay them all down until the knife round where you wait for them to be busy with an ally and use the heavy knife attack on their back. Only use this on the shoots map!

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You are going to want to start up a game offline with easy bots on baggage and join Terrorist as it is easier to get the achievement with. Go to the right when the round starts and camp up that hallway and just shoot bots as they come over. When you get to the two shotguns in a row pop down to the lowest level without taking damage and just be patient till you get them. As soon as you do go back to the spot I mentioned earlier. You will need about 60 HP left when you get to the knife level to have a chance at getting it. If you have less than that it is very unlikely you will get it. Just camp in the basement again and wait for an enemy bot to drop down and just knife the heck out of them. You will need to be pretty good with your aim and be careful enough not to take any damage. (Will take around 20 attempts most likely.)

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Start a game with easy bots.

Type in the console

sv_cheats 1

and than


Now the bots should only use the knife in the next round. Just try to survive the first round where they still using their guns.

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But if you use sv_cheats 1, doesn't the game prevent you from getting achievements? – waifu Jun 4 '13 at 15:51
Turning sv_cheats on immediately blocks all achievements. – DrFish Jul 5 '13 at 16:16

If you just want to get the achievement by any means, ask a few friends to join you in an empty server and ask them to stand still while you go "Rampage". But this will take away the fun and the work from the achievements. It takes their only meaning from the game.

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Exactly why I asked how can I do this legitimately, without having to call in extra help or rely on friends to get it? – waifu Jun 2 '13 at 22:40
Well without a certain setup, i think that you have to try and try since there is no way to get it other than legitimate (i.e. using cheats) on random servers. I think you need a bit of luck and a lot of skill. Maybe try to stay near or in the base at all times which might be a little safer. – Edeph Jun 3 '13 at 7:19

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