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I'm new to deck-based card battling games (as seen in the amount of times I've lost to the easy AI) but I have a general understanding of the basic mechanics. One of the things I keep hearing about are the different strengths of each resource type, i.e. inherent playstyles that are beneficial to play with each type. I'm just going with whatever I see as I play but I feel like I could be more focused with a strategy that fits my resource (currently growth).

For example, I heard that energy is hard-hitting but takes quite a bit of time before it can strike (high resource cost, I guess?).

What are the different strengths for each resource and what play styles can I use to exploit those to my benefit?

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My experience, paired with documentation gives this simple explanation.

  • Growth: Cheap(ish) units that have a lot of effects or have spells that help them grow or summon other units.
  • Energy: These scrolls hit hard and are intended to do a lot of damage, quickly.
  • Order: Order scrolls tend to be rather weak as single-units but can gain strength when other order units are played in close proximity to them. Many of these units give a lot of bonuses to their fellow units when they are near by.

In my opinion, the Order type requires the most game-play strategy while the other two types can do well from a basic deck-level strategy and a bit of luck. It's been argued that this makes the game rather unbalanced, against Order.

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Though this is true, Energy is pretty rough to play if you're not good at strategy. At least from the people I know who play Energy. –  superdemongob Jul 10 '13 at 5:16
This answer could use updating to discuss the new fourth resource, Decay. –  Kevin Reid Oct 20 '13 at 2:14

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