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I would like to store my Minecraft folder on a USB stick. I was wondering how much storage does my USB need in order to hold the Minecraft folder.

For example, will it fit on a 8GB USB, or is it larger?

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8GB is more than enough, in fact it is generally less than 1GB. You can check how big the minecraft folder actually is in windows, by doing the following:

  • press ⊞ Win + R, which will bring up a prompt. Type %APPDATA% and this will open your appdata folder.
  • In this folder window that opens there is a .minecraft folder. Right click that, then click properties. In the properties window, you will see how large the folder is.

Also, just pointing out that my technic pack folder is around 800MB, and that has a tonne of mods and a lot of saves.

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My Minecraft folder is about 8GB including several mods and texture packs, so 8GB would be plenty to store the vanilla game.

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Just as a point of comparison, my largely un-modded Minecraft folder weighs in at a massive... under 120MB footprint if you were to remove my texture packs - under 100MB if you were to additionally delete my saved worlds. So yeah, unless you have a whole bunch of texturepacks and mods, and a massive singleplayer save, 8GB is plenty. – Trent Hawkins Jun 8 '13 at 11:07

Regularly it requires up to 1-2 GB of disk space. But if you going to build your own mc server and decide to use entire map of it (3 600 000 000 000 m2) you will need up to 68 petabyte hdd =)

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