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Sometimes a Minecraft server is running a bit slow. How slow? Well, that's what we want to know. With this program, we should be able to see what the currently Ticks Per Second (TPS) is on a nearby monitor. Note that there are usually 20 ticks per second. This would probably be used in an admin room so that operators can see what the current TPS is.

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I imagine it depends on if the Lua is emulated within Minecraft or not. – MBraedley Jun 18 '13 at 23:10
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As seen in this Reddit post, there is a program called TickProfiler which is commonly used for Lag-busting. Note that this will not work unless you install the profiler on the server.

According to the creator of this program:

I've made a small update now which allows it to be used with ComputerCraft to put up a display showing the locations of laggy blocks, entities and chunks.

It's quite easy to set up, just put this lua file on a computer, and open TickProfiler's config file, then set it up to write with an interval above 0, and the file location as world/computer/COMPUTERID/profile.txt, with COMPUTERID replaced with the ID of the computer you're using to display this information.

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